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...en la cabaña de Flanagan el tallador de sueños, un refugio para los que tienen 'hambre del alma'

...inside Flanagan the dream chiseller's cabin, a resting place for curious eyes and hungry souls

...et chez Marie Diaz, rêveuse d'un monde à l'autre, semeuse d'histoires, tisseuse d'imaginaire


Bourges 2016 : L'Invisible lauréat du défi-lecture organisé par la Ligue de l'Enseignement & la Médiathèque


Nouvelle-Calédonie 2014 : l'Invisible lauréat du prix Livre Mon Ami - ici au collège Laura Boula sur l'île de Drehu-Lifou

'Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.'

Langston Hughes

[African-American poet, 1902-1967]

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mardi 22 octobre 2013

Solidarité avec le Peuple Mi'kmaq contre l'extraction de gaz de schiste

Les médias officiels canadiens tentent de faire passer les militants Mi'kmaq pour des criminels terroristes. Martin Lukacs, journaliste au Guardian a publié hier 21/10/13 un article qui résume formidablement la problématique, qui nous concerne TOUS. Extraits
'New Brunswick fracking protests are the frontline of a democratic fight'
'Images of burning cars and narratives about Canadian natives breaking the law obscure the real story about the Mi'kmaq people's opposition. [...] It turns out the residents of Elsipogtog aren't criminal deviants. They are the frontline of a fight for the democratic and environmental will of New Brunswick.'

"It is our responsibility to protect Mother Earth, to protect the land for non-natives too," says Susan Levi-Peters, the former Chief of Elsipogtog. "My people are speaking up for everyone."

'It's a badly-kept secret that Canada's oil, gas and mineral wealth, the key to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's reckless resource obsession, are mostly on Indigenous lands.'
'Harper praised the "courage and audacity" of the country's "pioneers," who "forged an independent country where non would have otherwise existed." [...]  

Levi-Peters says the Mi'kmaq remember the "audacity" all too well.' [...] 'How their nation signed a peace and friendship treaty in 1761 to let the English settle but not to trample Mi'kmaq interests.  How [...] they came [..] for the timber, the fish, the wildlife. And then for the children, locked away in residential schools and split from their connection to the land. [...]
And how every act of resistance has been greeted by the same lectures from authority.'

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